Great White

Great White ( Carcharodon carcharias )

Males Range from 11-13 feet and Females 15-16 feet.

Yes, the elusive female white is 15 – 16 feet! and comes in at a whopping 4,000 pounds! And with all those teeth you better not ever tell her she needs to lose some weight!

Whites according to some studies take 26 years to reach sexual maturity and whites can live 70 years or more.

White sharks can swim 35 mph and at a depth of 3,900 feet. As a guide, scuba divers recommended depth is 130 feet.

Fun Fact: Egyptian Ahmed Gabr dove to 1,090 feet in the Red Sea in 2014

Whites have no natural predators except the occasional killer whale.

Whites generally live in colder waters where their prey, seals, live.

White Sharks are considered a vulnerable species because of the limited population and lack of knowledge of the species.

As much as we know, we know very little.

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