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Shark Photos & Videos

With a site URL like it is obligitory to have shark photos featuring the awesome great white ( Carcharodon carcharias ).

Most of the photos that you find of these amazing beasts are menacing showing them chomping on a piece of meat. Some photos show them breaching to hit a false seal pulled behind a boat. Others are photos of a curious great white rattling a divers cage in South Africa.

We have scary photos in our gallery, in addition we have photos of the majestic animals that do not include eating.

Education about our oceans is extremely important. Our oceans are in danger and many of the animals that call it home are being harmed by over fishing and pollution.

Our responsibility at the “top of the food chain” is to protect the natural world and conserve the vast variaty of animals that call the ocean home.

Diving Photos & Videos

Sharks and Diving go hand in hand. As scuba divers we venture into a vast and largely unexplored region of this beautiful planet earth . So in addition to shark photos we have added a gallery of our own exploits in diving.

Recently we bought a  Go Pro Hero 5 and mask attachment. This has made it possible to create high quality videos and photos. The list of dive sites and library of videos and photos is small right now. The diving season in the Gulf region will re-open soon consequently diving will be back.